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How it's Going, Where am I headed?

Updated: Jan 8


I wish I had an official count going of how many weddings I’ve flowered on, but at this point but I’m thinking it's probably a little more than 40. That is a mix of “cradle to grave” and “day of” production design.

(C2G is when I am able to see the vision come to life from the very first bud vase at the studio, to the final Chuppah Installation on site. Whereas day of production, is primarily all on site building and styling.) I have loved my time freelancing as a creative entrepreneur in the flower world, but its time to grow my own Brand. I'm ready/

Wedding Planning

I have now, in my first full year of wedding Planning assisted on both smaller scale weddings, as well as a couple really large productions. I am that assistant that has it all. We need an extra boutonniere, you bet I have my floral snips! Decorative florals are causing the aisle to run really thin, I have a measuring tape. We need heavy things transported, I’ll find the right people. Mother of the Bride is freaking out, my presence and “can- do" attitude calms her... The golf carts and I still have our troubles, but the feeling of handling it all while looking fabulous is such a great feeling.

So where am I headed?


I have been working very hard to refine and define my design style. It's not exactly minimalistic but it is intentional. It's not avant-garde, but it does make you curious. Lots of light, lots of color, but yet very temperate and cool. My designs always have a touch of modern and a touch of elegant chic to them. all in all it's very Artful design coming from my heart, to my hands, to you.

Wedding Planning

I'd love to get into smaller-scale intimate events. Where I put together all the most fabulous vendors and create something otherworldly. That may be an upcoming blog post idea...what would an event I design look like...I'd be curious to know too!

In the meanwhile I'm going to keep allowing the flowers to guide me, and I hope more planning opportunities find me.

Pop-up Bar

For those waiting, for those curious...I have a pop-up bar service I'm looking to get back into. I've been allowing flowers to be the primary vehicle, but I do miss this service more and more. It's a very communal approach to a pop-up bar. Theres never a line its always a vibe, lot of interaction lots of conversations and we'll even deliever drinks to you. Such a good time! I can't wait to get back into the swing of things. (update 1/8/24 I am no longer interested in hosting bar services, serving alcohol no longer aligns with my life purpose).

But for now here's a photo from the Very first Wedding I was ever apart of. At this wedding I was the lead Assistant to the Wedding Planner, SONIA HOPKINS. Together we made this day seamless and enjoyable for every guest. Flowers by KNOT JUST FLOWERS.

wow, I just love San Ysidro Ranch!

Photography: @MichelleBeller

Planning : Sonia Hopkins Events

Florals: Knot Just Flowers

Venue: San Ysidro Ranch

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