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I am so passionate about my growth Journey. Seems like an odd thing to say, but I am.

How it Begun--

I’ve always enjoyed creating with flowers. In my last job I distinctly remember feeling insulted by my manager who said to me one day, “You shouldn’t work here, you should be a florist.” I was confused. "I already have a job,” I said, to which he responded, “Well you’re really good at it, and it seems natural for you that’s all.” And now, almost five years later it is all beginning to make sense.

So how did I actually get here? Well, Instagram! I hadn’t had Instagram for very long, but about a year into being on IG I was beginning to see just how useful it could be to foster community. I began to follow accounts outside of “friends & family,” a few floral accounts here and there, lots of bartenders, musicians I loved, and pianist when I thought “I’mma learn this piano.”

But yeah so, one day I saw a “Story” on Ig from a floral designer looking for extra hands for an event. I didn’t respond, but I did screenshot the post… figuring maybe I’d make time to reach out when I felt "more confident". Looking at her account I was like “wow, its all soo beautiful, she’ll definitely find people.” A few days later this particular pot came to mind, I reached out, showed up, and was thrown right into it all. Day 1 as a floral designer was a success! Which would be the start of soo many beautiful experiences.

if your looking for a sign to start something new, know that your heart will always know <3

these are some of the first flowers I ever thought, "I'm gonna have a photoshoot with them" from depths of my Macbook Archives

All the Best Always,


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